Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Horsenden 'Mountain' hunting

Another unpredictable sunny day and another ‘mountain’ to climb.

The ever dependable friend promised a Mount Everest this time. With little hope and much despair – at his promise to bring the picnic lunch - we set off to climb Mount Everest in Wembley with our ‘Las Las’ guiding us.

The man did bring some lunch as promised. It was good thing there were no rabbits around as they would have surely snatched it from us.  The thought "will pizza hut deliver here?" did occur to the wife but "how do we tell them exactly where we are?" overruled it.

The best thing was that we saw the most gorgeous woodpecker but not close enough to identify or get a good shot, which resulted in our photographer's face looking very similar to the cow dung which we had to avoid on our way up through the grazing patch.

This time it was a lovely walk among a thick growth of trees.  Oh almost forgot, the mountain ? We just assumed that it must be hidden under the trees because we never saw one.


The Pro  at work 

A parrot - no its not that obvious !

the hopefuls (for mountains) ...

miss gorgeous (peacock - nachis io) 

Home made humus !!.