Friday, February 20, 2009

I "shell" forgive you !

Due to reasons I will not go in to, Michelle's birthday was not a great one this year - NO I won't tell you why and believe me, you don't want to know either ! 

So decided to make up for it with a proper Valentine's Day! For me, Red Roses are such a cliché that I decided to go for white roses and to glam it up a bit, put in a good measure of purple (her favourite colour) tulips in to the bunch. 

Well I knew that a bunch of flowers was not going to get me off the hook, so I got something that she really wanted, all the way from Australia - Sea Shells !!! And boy did it do the trick. Even though she has always wanted to get them, she was worried about the cost but I decided that no cost is too much for my love :)  


Some of the shells are massive (the first one is almost a foot long). Needless to say, Mich was pretty happy with them and I was able to save my skin for another year.  

Note: For those who are worried, these shells are sourced from ethical sources - meaning that these are not live animals killed for their shells. They are dead ones collected from the ocean and cleaned and polished. This is why the shells are not "perfect" as you would find in some shops. 


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