Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Deer by sunlight

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a nice sunny day in London these days. So we were very happy when one such rare day came upon a Sunday in April. We had wanted to go to Richmond Park for some time so we packed a picnic lunch and picked up Kia (our friend Savanthi's daughter) and headed out there. We went by car but the increase in number of vechicles on the road because of the sunny day and the numerous roadworks on the way, made the journey long, hot and tiring. But once we got to the park, it was a perfect day to laze around in the sunshine and watch the deer who had come out in numbers. I got to play around with my flashes with a couple of the models around :)

Model #1

Model #2

The deer we came to see

Lovely sunny day

Someone was flying a kite .... literally!

Graceful gliding


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