Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo Walk - UK South East POTN group

It has been awhile since our last blog entry - not due to the lack of activities but due to an excess of them. We have both been quite busy the last couple of months - Mich is very busy with a new project at work and I am keeping myself busy with my 365 photo project :) Hopefully, we should be able to get this back on track and keep updating regularly. 

There are several photography sites that I am a member of (very useful learning tools) and one of them is the POTN site. Some of the members from the South East (London and thereabouts) have a very lively, funny and interesting thread there. They regularly organise group photo walks and we were able to join them on the 19th of April to gander around Hyde Park. It was good to meet them and put faces to usernames from the forum .... and we got a few shots in as well :) 

Unfortunately, I don't follow that thread as much as I used to due to the above mentioned "busy-ness" but I do drop in from time to time for a laugh. 

Speakers corner was very funny - lots of interesting characters and lots of debate going on. 

One World .... and only he should be in it

Making a point 

This guy looked very interesting with the feather in his hair. Was dressed up like a gypsy and had a very intruiging smile.
Some of the nature stuff we saw
The shot of the day

Deformity in all its glory

And a non nature one :)

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